Installing spacewalk is really easy task. It is well documented on this link but as I like to have all on one place I will do it also here. First of all we need to install all needed repositories, so here is a list of to do tasks.

Install spacewalk repository. Currently available version is 2.4 for you this will probably be something another.

root@spacewalk~# rpm -Uvh

Add jpackage repository

root@spacewalk ~ # cat /etc/yum.repos.d/jpackage-generic.repo
name=JPackage generic

Add EPEL repository

root@spacewalk ~ # rpm -Uvh

For place to store data we will need database. My choice is PostgreSQL.

root@spacewalk ~ # yum install spacewalk-setup-postgresql

Finally install spacewalk.

root@spacewalk ~ # yum -y install spacewalk-postgresql