About author

Hi there!
I'm Jelena and www.setenforce.com is my Linux blog.

My husband Bojan and I live in Belgrade, Serbia with our son and German Shepherd dog. I am a Linux system engineer and love my job. Also, I love photography, dogs and cooking.

Together with my husband, I started Android application DogFoodRatingApp. I am fighting for GSD health, so I started blogging about GSD www.nemackiovcar.com

Setenforce covers some useful Linux stuff for system engineers. There are many How to's which will make admin life easier.

I worked for really good companies. VDEL, Red Hat and now for Fincore. In every company I learned a lot, especially in Red Hat where I had to deal with very complex support tasks. One of especially things for Fincore was migration of www.slingo.com (hardware oriented system) to cloud.

If we are talking about my education... I am a graduated engineer from Belgrade University, School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics Department. Work in VDEL gives me possibilities to learn and earn many Linux certificates. Preparing exams for RHCA certification is the main goal for me now.

History of education

2000-2002 Center for Young Talents, Belgrade
“New algorithm in telecommunication systems”, 2001 Belgrade
“About limitation of the Fourier transform”, 2002 Belgrade
Belgrade angel of 2002
Muniment of “Sveti Sava” for mathematics and physics

2002-2007 School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade
Acquired title: Graduate engineer of electronics

2009 Red Hat Certified Engineer

2011 Security: Network Services Certificate of Expertise

2012 Clustering and Storage Management

2012 Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator

2013 Red Hat Certified Instructor/Examiner

2017 Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Deployment and Systems Management